Citrus Packing Machine - FAST3

Machine designed to put fruit into boxes by layers, according to a pre-established format. It shines by its high production and the care given to the fruits. The machine features a regulator, the box fitting machine and the incoming boxes feeder.
Net packing machine - NET2

Machine designed to place nets into boxes. It shines by its high production and the care given to the products.
Filler-Weigher Grain - SCALE2

Machine designed for filling boxes with fruit according to the weight. It emphasizes the excellent treatment of the fruit and the good distribution inside the box without stands out above.
Covers Machine - EASY10

Machine designed to place mesh and cardboard covers over wooden boxes using hot glue.

The covers are placed one by one, the machine approaches the cover from the deposit to the workszone, where a clamp positions it over the box.
Slat Placing Machine - PLANK1

Machine thought to nail lumber slats over wooden boxes using staplers.

The slats are placed one by one. The machine features a vertical slat storage which feeds the staplers and a box positioning system to place the slat over the headpieces.
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